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Pop of Colour Kit


Create glamorous eyes with a bright pop of colour and sparkle with products from Illamasqua and Lit Cosmetics. This kit includes the following products:

  • Cream Pigment (Hollow)
  • Powder Eye Shadows (Stealth, Heroine, Wolf, Anja and Burst)
  • Lit Cosmetics Glitters (Oprah #2 and Beach Baby #3)
  • Lit Cosmetics Glitter Glue
  • Lip Liner (Woo)
  • Glamore Lipstick (Starkers)

Step 1: Prime all over eyelid and below eye with Hollow cream pigment.

Step 2: Apply Stealth powder eyeshadow over brow bone to mattify primer.

Step 3: Take Heroine through the eye socket to define.

Step 4: Add more definition to outer corners of eyes with Wolf, blending this into Heroine.

Step 5: Underneath the eyes, start by smoking out Anja. Then layer Burst on top to deepen and create a bold splash of colour.

Step 6: Use Lit Cosmetics glitter glue and Oprah #2 on outer corner of eyes. Use Beach Baby #3 on inner corners.

Step 7: Finish with Infinity gel liner to create a wing and line upper lashes. You can take this through the waterline to smoke it up further.

Step 8: Line lips with Woo lip pencil and fill with Starkers Glamore lipstick for a satin, nude finish.


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