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Welcome to GlamCandy!

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Whether you’re a hairdresser, a polish-perfect nail technician, or just a makeup fanatic, our makeup courses will give you more skills than any other college…

Our target audiences are;

1. Those who want to learn how to apply their own makeup.

We teach women how to apply their own makeup through our ‘MyMakeup’ learning centre which has a variety of one day courses, personal lessons and group masterclasses.

2. Those who want to apply makeup on other people.

We hold a variety of professional and short courses in 5 college locations throughout Scotland; Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline & Inverness. We help students build careers in the Makeup industry and give guidance when required to help motivate, train and assist in building professional careers.

GlamCandy Makeup Artist Event Team

Did you know?

In the early 1920′s eyelashes were painted black using a mixture of goose fat or petroleum jelly with soot or coal from a fireplace…

Research has shown that the majority of women learned how to apply their make up from their mum, a friend or relative which has been repeated through the generations. Current trends, correct products and the most effective techniques were being missed through a lack of education but more specifically a lack of access to this education.

Making life more beautiful… GlamCandy Makeup School

UK’s Leading Makeup Educators

GlamCandy is a private makeup school based in throughout the UK. We are a team of makeup artists and tutors who have been working at the top of our profession building up skills and awareness for many years. Working internationally with a diverse range of experience makes us the leading team of artists for Fashion, TV, Editorial, Bridal and events. From Fashion Week to Next Top Model our ‘Pro Training Team’ have gained the skills to work with you to take your career further than any other college. At GlamCandy Makeup School our makeup courses will teach you cutting edge skills using the best tools, techniques and products. We offer a range of short makeup courses to allow you to continuously learn the latest trends. Our professional makeup lessons are taught by fully qualified tutors so rest assured your gaining skills from ‘working’ industry professionals.

GlamCandy Students


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